The Legal Apprentice Competition

Posted on: 30/01/2019

Nower Hill High School has entered 12 of its Year 12 Law students into a Legal Apprentice Competition run by Kingsley Napley in partnership with The Times newspaper. Students are invited to work as part of a team to complete a series of tasks, designed to encourage them to tap into their “inner solicitor” using skills and logic to provide legal advice for virtual clients.

The initiative gives students a unique opportunity to find out through personal experience exactly what it is like to be a solicitor. It also offers the chance to understand the nuances between legal practices such as Criminal, Dispute Resolution, Corporate and Employment law for example. Most importantly, the Legal Apprentice Competition helps students decide if a career in law as a solicitor is something they might want to pursue.

They will also explore the skills of a solicitor which are much more varied than just being able to put forward a good argument, including:

- Listening skills
- Inquisitiveness / asking questions
- Strategic thinking and problem solving
- Working in a team
- Communicating
- Providing sound advice
- Creativity

All students comprising the winning team will receive £500 each and will be offered the opportunity to be interviewed by Kingsley Napley for the ultimate prize of winning a legal apprenticeship.

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