The Nower Hill Way

At Nower Hill we are endeavouring to have a happy school where the students are nothing less than the most well-mannered, most articulate, best behaved, hardest working, smartest and kindest students there can be. Here’s what we mean:

Most Well-Mannered  We always:

  • Say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’;
  • Say ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good afternoon’;
  • Make eye contact and greet everyone with a friendly smile;
  • Respond to a greeting in a positive way;
  • Keep to the left when moving around the school;
  • Hold doors open for those immediately behind us;
  • Use the bins and never drop litter;
  • Are considerate of parents and other adults when leaving school in the afternoon, not least at the bus stop allowing members of the public on the bus first.

Most Articulate  We always:

  • Avoid ‘slang and swear words’;
  • Seek opportunities to extend our answers when answering questions;
  • Think carefully about what we are about to say;
  • Pronounce our words as they are meant to be pronounced;
  • Avoid unnecessary ‘fillers’ such as ‘like’, ‘erm’ and ‘sort of’.

Best Behaved  We always:

  • Respect the possessions of others;
  • Look after our school environment;
  • Queue sensibly, never pushing in;
  • Refrain from shouting;
  • Follow instructions and stay on task at all times in class;
  • Take responsibility for ourselves and our actions;
  • Seek help from a member of staff if something is going wrong;
  • Move around the school in a calm and orderly fashion.

Hardest Working  We always:

  • Are prepared to learn and help to create a positive learning environment;
  • Take pride in everyone’s successes and achievements;
  • Take risks with our learning and know that it can be good to make mistakes and learn from them;
  • Concentrate and stay focussed in class at all times;
  • Complete our classwork and homework to the very best of our ability and meet deadlines;
  • Revise thoroughly for any tests or examinations.

 Smartest  We always:

  • Wear a clean, tidy uniform with clean black shoes – never trainers other than for PE;
  • Take pride in how smart we look in our uniform, both in school and to and from school;
  • Boys must have the top button of their shirts done up and shirts must be tucked in; ties must be worn smartly, with the crest visible;
  • Girls who choose to wear skirts must wear the Henley skirt at knee length and not tuck jumpers into the top of skirts.

Kindest  We  always:

  • Treat each other the way we would like to be treated ourselves;
  • Respect the feelings, beliefs and culture of others;
  • Help each other when one of us needs a helping hand, an open ear, a shoulder to cry on;
  • Forgive each other easily and quickly;
  • Avoid talking about others unkindly or teasing others;
  • Try and do a good deed every day.
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