Governor Information

Members of the Academy Trust

Name Appointment Date
Stuart Natrass 1st March 2021
Miriam Manderson 1st March 2021
Roy McKerracher 1st March 2021
Michelle Weerasekera (Chair of Governing Board) 1st March 2021 (Ex-Officio)

Trustees of the Governing Board

Composition of Governing Board: Headteacher, 2 Staff Trustees (one teaching/one non-teaching), 3 Parent Trustees, 5 Member Appointed Trustees and currently 3 Co-opted Trustees.

Please note the word Trustee, as used in the Articles of Association, is changed to the more commonly used term of Governor for the purpose of the website.

Name Category Committee Membership Panel Term of Office
    Full Governing Board Resources Committee Audit Committee Student Committee Admissions Committee Performance and Pay Review Date Appointed End of Term
Howard Freed Member Appointed Governor Vice Chair ✓ Chair         ✓     1 March 2021 31 Aug 2024
Patricia Gordon Staff Governor N/A     N/A 15 Sept 2021 14 Sept 2025
Carolyn Hector Co-opted Governor   Chair
17 Jan 2023 16 Jan 2027
Kirti Jeram Co-opted Governor         1 March 2021

3 Jul 2027

Claire Larkman

Co-opted Governor Vice Chair
      29 March 2023 29 March 2027
John Richardson Co-opted Governor         12 Jan 2022 11 Jan 2026
Hiten Shah Parent Governor     Vice Chair ✓     13 Oct 2021 12 Oct 2025
Saba Syed Member Appointed Governor     1 March 2021 5 March 2028
Louise Voden

Headteacher, Member Appointed Governor

N/A 1 March 2021 n/a
Michelle Weerasekera Member Appointed Governor




1 March 2021 29 Nov 2024
Bob Goswell Associate Governor N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1 March 2021 Ex-Officio
Hugh Brown Parent Governor     23 June 2023 22 June 2027
Raluca Grecu Staff Governor N/A   N/A 16 October 2023 15 October 2027
Alicia Patel Parent Governor           22 March 2024 21 March 2028

Governors who resigned / reached the end of their term during 2021/2022 and 2022/2023

Name Category Committee Membership Panel Term of Office
    Full Governing Board Resources Committee Audit Committee Student Committee Admissions Committee Performance and Pay Review Date Appointed End of Term
Adeela Chowdhry Member Appointed Governor Vice Chair ✓



    1 March 2021 21 July 2023 (resigned)
Diana La Rue Member Appointed Governor     Chair         ✓ 1 March 2021 21 July 2023 (resigned)
Phil Lawder Member of the Academy Trust             1 March 2021

8 July 2023 (resigned)

Amy Thomas Staff Governor       N/A 15 Sept 2021 27 May 2022 (resigned)
Karam Bhogal Parent Governor       4 July 2019 18 April 2023 (resigned)

Michael Gilbey 


Staff Governor        30 June 2022  

21 July 2023


Jan Cobben  Parent Governor            13 October 2021 14 February 2024 (resigned)

Register of Related Parties and Business Interests

Name Interest Date
Miriam Manderson Head Teacher at Rooks Heath Sep 2022
Roy McKerracher Director of Castell Safety International Ltd. Sep 2022
Michael Stuart Nattrass Company Secretary: 4 Glenloch Road RTM Ltd Sep 2022
Howard Freed

Sole director of Howard Freed Consulting Limited providing leadership coaching/mentoring to Heads and Senior Leaders and training to school leaders

Trustee, Presdales School, Hoe Lane, Ware, Hertfordshire

Trustee, The Jubilee AP Academy, Harrow, London

Member, The Tithe Trust, Harrow, London

Member, Holland Park School, London

Sep 2022
Hiten Shah None Sep 2022
John Richardson None Sep 2022
Patricia Gordon None Sep 2022
Kirti Jeram None Oct 2022
Saba Syed

Listed as the Company Secretary for Tongues on Fire Ltd. This is a voluntary position for a non-profit arts organisation in Harrow. TOF produces the annual UK Asian Film Festival, with multiple events in cinemas, arts orgs, schools and universities all over London, Leicester and Glasgow, managed by a team of volunteers. Noted as the Operations Director for the festival and on the advisory board.

Founding member and the treasurer of the Friends of Headstone Manor Park, a voluntary local organisation.

Sep 2022
Michelle Weerasekera

Trustee, St. Helen's School, Northwood (Resigned 16 September 2022)

Director, St. Helen's School Enterprises Ltd (Resigned 16 September 2022)

Sep 2022 

Louise Voden Trustee of Friends of St. Marcellin's Children, registered UK Charity Sep 2022
Claire Larkman SBM, West Lodge Primary School Jan 2023
Carolyn Hector

Director of Marketing, Brand and Product Development, Age Co (Age UK)

Deputy Chair of Shops Board, St Luke’s Hospice (NED role)

Mar 2023
Hugh Brown

Employee at Parasol Ltd, Director

Synapse Project Ltd, Company No 08134408

Trustee, Cressex Community School Fund, Charity No 1115420

June 2023
Raluca Grecu Transfer Rapid LTD - Director and Compliance Officer Oct 2023

Register of Related Parties and Business Interests for those Governors who resigned/reached the end of their term during 2021/2022, 2022/2023 and 2023/24

Name Interest Date
Adeela Chowdhry None Oct 2022
Diana La Rue None Sep 2022
Phil Lawder None Sep 2022
Philip Lawder None Sep 2022
Karam Bhogal None Nov 2022
Michael Gilbey  None  Nov 2022
Jan Cobben  None  Feb 2024


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