Please find below our Centre Policy for determining centre assessed grades – summer 2021:



Please find below documents which list the evidence to be used to determine grades at GCSE and A-level.




Please find below our Complaints and Appeals Policy - summer 2021:



Please find below the form which needs to be completed if you wish to appeal:



Appeals must be submitted in writing by completing the Complaints and Appeals Form and emailing it to . If you wish to appeal your result, you must be aware that your grade can move DOWN as well as up.


Priority Appeals (These are only for A-level students where the outcome effects their 1st choice University on UCAS):

If a student has a place at university that is dependent on an appeal, a priority appeal can be requested and the centre can ask the exam board to prioritise the appeal.

The priority appeal must be requested by the student between 10th and 16th August

Non-Priority Appeals:

All other appeals must be requested by the student between 10th August and 3rd September

All non-priority appeals will be dealt with on our return in September.


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Coping With Exam Stress

The exam season can be a difficult time. If you are feeling under stress, please talk to someone.

The following are some useful websites to help manage exam stress:




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