School Vision

Nower Hill High School exists to enhance the future life chances and opportunities of all our students, whatever their starting points, by providing a centre of educational excellence at the heart of our community in which all our students can fulfil their potential. We aspire to develop 'world class' students who can compete in a highly competitive world.


Our aim is to realise our mission by a relentless focus on the development of highly literate, articulate, numerate, resilient and confident students who are equipped with the ambition, qualities and qualifications necessary to compete in the 21st century global economy. 


We will develop all our students better if we value and emphasise the importance of:

  • Impeccable manners: Honesty, the appreciation of diversity
  • Hard work: A can-do attitude to overcome adversity, resilience, an enjoyment of learning 
  • Articulate Oracy: Knowledge, literacy and numeracy, creativity
  • Smartness of appearance: Personal pride, a healthy lifestyle 
  • Excellent behaviour: Self-discipline, high self-esteem and self-respect, integrity
  • Kindness: Empathy, respect, teamwork 


We will meet the challenges ahead and achieve our mission by having very high expectations and standards, and working hard to deliver the following objectives:

  • A school-wide emphasis on oracy 
  • Engaging and challenging lessons  
  • High levels of numeracy and literacy
  • High quality and very hard-working staff 
  • A curriculum of breadth, depth and opportunity
  • Access to cutting edge technology
  • Support for the well-being of students and staff
  • Eliminating the achievement gaps between groups of students  
  • A well-disciplined and safe school
  • High quality student support   
  • Celebration of achievement and success
  • Strong and collaborative leadership
  • Systematic monitoring, review and evaluation
  • A supportive and challenging Governing Board
  • High quality professional development
  • Excellent facilities
  • Future financial sustainability
  • Strong partnerships with home, the community and other schools
  • Thriving outside hours activities
  • An exemplary reputation
  • The school of choice for our community.


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