Post-18 Options:

UCAS, Apprenticeships and Careers

At Nower Hill we consider it to be really important that students understand all the options available to them after 6th Form. There have never been more options and we provide students with a lot of guidance and support regarding these options, beginning early in Year 12. Most of our students decide to continue into Higher Education, but an increasing number are successful at obtaining highly sought-after degree apprenticeships (which involve a student working for an employer at the same time as studying for a degree) as well as higher apprenticeships.

Oxbridge Information Evening

A link to the slides shown on the Oxbridge Information Evening, which was held on Thursday 7th March 2024, can be found below.

Oxbridge Information Evening Presentation

Year 12 Higher Education and Apprenticeships Evening

A link to the slides shown on the Year 12 Higher Education and Apprenticeships Evening for parents and carers, which was held on Wednesday 24th April 2024, can be found below:

Higher Education and Apprenticeships Evening Presentation

About Degree Apprenticeships

More than 80 universities in England now offer degree apprenticeships.
These include many Russell Group universities and more than 61 different degree apprenticeship programmes are offered. The degrees awarded through degree apprenticeships are exactly the same as the degrees awarded to students studying full time. Many degree apprenticeships also combine professional status, making career progression easier. The cost of the degree is still the same as studying full time (£9250 per year) but the apprentice will not be expected to pay for this. All fees will be paid for by the employer and the government, therefore apprentices will not have any student debt.


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The 6th Form has a dedicated UCAS Advisor, Ms Dave, who will help students to find the right courses and write their personal statements.  One of our great strengths is our excellent advice and guidance regarding post-18 options, and Ms Dave is an essential part of this. Ms Dave meets individually with each Year 13 student regarding their personal statement and every candidate called for interview is offered mock interviews with subject specialists. Parents and students have been very pleased with the level of support provided.

Another important facet of post-18 progression is work experience and careers guidance for Year 12.  We offer all Year 12 students work experience in the summer term which serves to strengthen their UCAS application and allow them to experience work in their chosen field first-hand, before committing themselves to 3 or more years of study. 


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