Nower Hill High School operates a regular review of all policies in line with statutory guidance. Policies can be downloaded using the links below:


Page Downloads Date  
Acceptable Use of ICT Policy for Students 2021 07th Jul 2021 Download
Accessibility Plan 18th Dec 2019 Download
Accessibility Update December 2021 28th Jan 2020 Download
Attendance Policy 17th Dec 2021 Download
CCTV Policy 2021 17th Nov 2021 Download
CEIAG Policy 2022 21st Mar 2022 Download
Complaints Policy 16th Nov 2021 Download
Curriculum Statement 2021 12th Oct 2021 Download
Data Protection Policy GDPR 2020 01st Oct 2020 Download
Data Retention Policy 17th Nov 2021 Download
ECT Induction Policy 2022 21st Mar 2022 Download
Equality Information and Objectives 2020-21 21st Mar 2022 Download
Exams Policy 2022 21st Mar 2022 Download
Freedom of Information Policy & Publication Scheme 2021 10th Mar 2021 Download
Governors' Allowances Policy 2022 21st Mar 2022 Download
Health and Safety Safety Policy 2021/22 12th Nov 2021 Download
HR Policy Suite 2021 07th Dec 2021 Download
Inclusion Policy 2021-22 06th Dec 2021 Download
Keeping Children Safe in Education 31st Jan 2019 Download
Nower Hill approved admissions arrangements for 2021-22 28th Feb 2020 Download
Online Safety Policy 2021 19th Apr 2021 Download
Pay Policy 2021-22 07th Dec 2021 Download
Policy for Unacceptable Behaviour from Parents/visitors on School Premises 03rd Feb 2022 Download
Privacy Notice for Governors 20th Jul 2021 Download
Privacy Notices for Staff 20th Jul 2021 Download
Privacy Notices for Students 20th Jul 2021 Download
Procedure for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff 2022 21st Mar 2022 Download
Pupil Premium Strategy (Including recovery fund premium) 2021/22 12th Jan 2022 Download
Student Support Guidance 2021/2022 (includes Anti Bullying Policy, Attendance Policy, Behaviour Policy, School Rules and Student Support Structure) 14th Jul 2021 Download
Spirituality Position Statement 2022 08th Feb 2022 Download
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy 2021-23 14th Jul 2021 Download
Safeguarding Policy 2021 (updated April 2021) 20th May 2021 Download
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2022 28th Jan 2022 Download
Whistleblowing Policy 2021 07th Dec 2021 Download
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