Trips and Visits

At Nower Hill, we offer a large and vibrant range of extra-curricular trips and visits to complement the curriculum that provide a vast range of opportunities, developing the character and personal well-being of students. 

The number and destination of trips does vary each year. The trips usually planned for each year can be seen in the document below.

Key Annual Educational Trips and Visits

Students are notified of visits in their lessons and parents will receive letters via our InTouch system and information will also be available on the school website and our MLE.   Some trips are offered for the full year group, others are limited and this is made clear in our communication home.

Please note this list is not exhaustive and trips may be cancelled if there is a lack of interest. Similarly, additional trips may be offered as opportunities become available. Please refer to the calendar on the school website for dates of the agreed trips.


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