Online Safety

Online Safety Mission

With the ever evolving world of technology and constant introduction of new emerging technologies, Online Safety is a key aspect of school life embedded across our curriculum. Our students are taught how to behave responsibly and safely whilst online during dedicated lessons throughout the year in Computer Studies & Citizenship, with cross curricular references in a range of other subjects.

In addition to this, times are dedicated throughout the year towards whole-school Online Safety initiatives such as; celebrating “Safer Internet Day”, online safety based assemblies, Form time activities and student workshops in order to educate our students on how their online life may affect them now and in the future.

We also identify that it is our responsibility to teach and work alongside our parents/carers to educate, support and update them on key online safety matters. 

Should you have any concerns or queries related to online safety, then please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would also recommend you to Parentinfo, a rich resource for parents and carers that might just help you to keep one step ahead.

Key staff members:

Janine Sabbagh - Deputy Headteacher: Student Support

Resources for Parents & Carers

A significant focus for parents / carers attending the Year Ahead evenings at the start of the academic year includes a focus on Online Safety.  This is prepared by members of our Student Support team, who work collaboratively with the Heads of Year to analyse the contextual needs of each Year group relating to their Online Safety.  Where there are increased issues within a Year group, additional education and support will be put into place either for the entire Year group or for relevant groups of students.  We ensure that we are constantly analysing the needs of individual students and groups to provide the most effective education and intervention.  In addition to the Year Ahead evenings, Heads of Year are always available to families for drop in sessions to provide further support and advice and we provide regular updates regarding advancements and developments in apps and emerging technologies that are now on the market.  Should there be more serious concerns, we also work in close partnership with our Safer Schools' Team, and meetings may be arranged to provide further support for families where we deem a student to be at risk due to their online activity. 

Please see the recorded version of our most recent Online Safety Evening here.

There are a range of internet resources for parents to support them in online safety. These websites include:


NSPCC Keeping Children Safe Online


Thinkuknow Youtube page


NSPCC Youtube page

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