Student Leaders

One of the features that makes our 6th Form outstanding is the way we develop our students as leaders, making sure their voice is heard and acting on what they have to say. We feel that students are more engaged in the 6th Form if they feel involved in shaping it. Students can apply to be Head Boy and Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Girl, Heads of House or Heads of Committees such as: Careers & Super-Curricular, Social & Prom, Wellbeing, Equality & Diversity, Sports & Leisure, Environment or Charity. The Head of 6th Form and Year Coordinators for Years 12 and 13 meet with the senior student leaders every week to consult with them on a variety of matters concerning A-Level students, such as how we should best recognise student achievement in the 6th Form and how we might support students who are struggling. They enjoy and make the most of this increased autonomy.

Jessica - Head Girl

Jessica"The Senior Student Leadership (SSL) team work together to represent the students here at Nower Hill High School and make decisions that benefit the whole school. As Head Girl, I work alongside Lucas to formulate new ideas that support the school community and create different opportunities that allow students to make the most of their high school experience. SSL is a way of giving back and has given me an opportunity to engage with all year groups and use my voice to help support a school that has supported me for the past 7 years."

Lucas – Head Boy

"Senior Student leadership (SSL) is way for students to voice their oLucas smithpinions and work collectively to help improve the lives of the 6th Formers and those in the lower school. As Head Boy, I work with Jessica and the rest of SSL to implement those ideas and give back to the school. I really enjoy working as a team as it helps maintain a sense of community throughout the whole school."

Ethan and Abi - Deputy Head Boy & Girl (Communications)
Ethan kearnsAbishah sooriyakumar

"As deputy heads, we work to always improve communication between the whole school community, aiming to create a comfortable environment for all pupils to raise their issues. We think of new ways to help students engage with the school community such as promote the Nower Hill Instagram and listening to ideas said during school council meetings to implement them."

In addition the Deputy Head Boy and Girl sit on the whole school council. They also chair a half termly meeting at which representatives discuss matters specific to the 6th Form experience.

Isaac and Kyie - Joint Heads of Careers & Super-Curricular Committee


"As part of the Careers and Super-Curricular Committee, we help to plan and organise the Careers Fair and other events related to super-curriculars. Our goal is to ensure students are well-informed and confident as they begin deciding on university courses and help guide them on their journey after A-Levels."

Demi, Heather, Rahul and Sonia - Joint Heads of Social & Prom Committee


“As Heads of the Social and Prom Committee, we are excited to plan events and socials for the 6th form as well as the wider school community. These will help build relationships between the students in order to enjoy our time at school and have fun!”

Chloe, Lorna, Mudatheer and Max- Joint Heads of Wellbeing Committee


"On the Wellbeing Committee, our main aim is to bring awareness to the importance of student’s holistic wellbeing and ensure the school community is safe, welcoming and supportive environment for all. As a committee, we recognise the significance of talking about mental health and we do this through activities for the whole school community.”

Danielle, Matthew, Negeena and Nicole - Joint Heads of Equality & Diversity Committee


“As heads of the Equality and Diversity Committee, we work together to organise initiatives and activities, as well as encouraging inclusion and representation regardless of race, gender, religion or sexuality. It is of the utmost importance to us to make a difference in creating a safer school environment for all, and we take great pride in helping all members of the school community.”

Cara, Evie and Viraj - Joint Heads of Sports & Leisure Committee

Cara mctiernanEvieViraj

“On the Sports and Leisure Committee we run sporting events and activities for the whole school and highlight the importance of exercise on improving our mental health. As a part of SSL it is really enjoyable to come together and see our ideas having a positive impact on the whole school community.”

Anjali, Ben, Shagitheyan and Sian - Joint Heads of Environment Committee


“As part of the Environmental Committee, it is our moral role to ensure that our school engages and educates the school community about the safeguarding of the environment and enforce our eco friendly ideologies, through the organisation of annual events such as Green Day and making our school environment more green and sustainable through the ongoing creation of the Nower Hill Garden which will help increase the biodiversity on the school site.

Aneeka and Huda - Joint Heads of Charity Committee


“On the Charity Committee, we on behalf of the school wish to make a real difference through even the smallest of charitable acts to those in need. Through awareness campaigns across the school community and beyond, we look to gain individual and collective commitment towards helping those who need help.”

Zac, Simran, Nima, Kushi, Nikita and Mehdi - Heads of House


“We work closely as a group together with all year groups to bring a sense of community to Nower Hill. I enjoy being part of SSL as it allows me to build on my leadership skills and gives me a great sense of pride and responsibility." Zac (Bannister House)

"As SSL, we aim to help motivate all students from Years 7-13 to strive to achieve their best and develop all their skills to the fullest. I really enjoy being part of SSL as it helps me to refine my leadership skills whilst working with the lower school to help build a community within Nower Hill.” Simran (Franklin House)

“As a Head of House, I work closely with the other members of the SSL. As a team, we aim to refine the Nower Hill way and act as role models to the younger years. Nima (Ghandi House)

Being a House Senior Student Leader has fostered a sense of responsibility within me and makes me strive to be a leader who initiates ideas and makes them happen in order to benefit and cultivate a sense of pride within the school community. SSL has been a platform through which I have had the opportunity to make a difference to the way in which younger year groups, in particular, feel about being a member of a House; it is by inculcating a sense of pride into them and seeing them enjoy the events that me and my other fellow House SSL plan for them through which I gain a sense of accomplishment Kushi (King House)

"Being a part of the Head of House team is a responsibility that I jumped at the chance to take as I wish to be the voice of the students at Nower Hill. This will not only benefit and improve my skills as a person and a team player ,but also will improve the overall learning experience and environment for students wellbeing and future at Nower Hill.” Nikita (Nightingale House) 

 “As a Head of House I have the ability to work alongside my peers to ensure we can improve the school for the students of the future.” Mehdi (Shabazz House)

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