Student Leaders

Alice - Head Girl

Alice"Senior Student Leaders (SSL) is a way of achieving a constant feedback loop within the 6th Form so that the 6th Form can be improved. As Head Girl, I work with Rajesh to come up with whole school ideas to maintain a sense of community even during the pandemic. SSL is a way of giving back to a school community that has given us so much. I also enjoy working as a team within SSL as well as being involved with lower school."

Rajesh – Head Boy

Rajesh"As Head Boy, I work with Alice and the rest of SSL to improve the 6th Form and whole school experience. We work closely with the students and teachers to expand the opportunities students are given and to help everyone through the Covid-19 pandemic. I really enjoy the leadership aspect as everything we do really works towards making a difference. I also love public speaking and helping the school to get their message across."

One of the features that makes our 6th Form outstanding is the way we develop our students as leaders, making sure their voice is heard and acting on what they have to say. We feel that students are more engaged in the 6th Form if they feel involved in shaping it. Students can apply to be Head Boy and Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Girl, Heads of House or Heads of Committees such as: Careers & Super-Curricular, Social & Prom, Wellbeing, Equality, Sports & Leisure, Environment or Charity. The Head of 6th Form and Year Coordinators for Years 12 and 13 meet with the senior student leaders every week to consult with them on a variety of matters concerning A-Level students, such as how we should best recognise student achievement in the 6th Form and how we might support students who are struggling. They enjoy and make the most of this increased autonomy.

Mya and Anoushka - Joint Heads of Careers & Super-Curricular Committee


"On the Careers and Super-Curricular Committee we work as a team to help support students in Year 12 and Year 13 and make the application process for University easier. We organise interesting events such as the Model WHO and Model UN and talks with professionals to inspire students and help them decide what they want to do in the future."

Shona and Na’im - Joint Heads of Social & Prom Committee


“As Heads of the Social and Prom Committee, we love hosting events for the school and, despite the Covid-19 restrictions, we enjoy overcoming the challenges and providing exciting activities and events for the 6th Form to take part in. We are starting to plan parts of the Year 13 prom now which is really exciting!”

Amira (Deputy Head Girl), Zia, Sherjeel and Romuald - Joint Heads of Wellbeing Committee


“Together on the Wellbeing Committee, we focus on the wellbeing of students and encourage a happy, positive and safe environment. Through various assemblies, events and activities, we highlight the importance of mental health and work closely with both teachers and students for the benefit of the whole school community.”

Maisa and Alana - Joint Heads of Equality Committee


“On the Equality Committee, we encourage diversity and put initiatives in place to make our school a safe place for everyone, irrespective of race, gender or sexuality. We feel like we really make a difference and are currently looking at creating an ongoing programme where BAME professionals speak to our students about their careers.”

Sasha and Gunraaj (Deputy Head Boy) - Joint Heads of Sports & Leisure Committee


“As heads of the Sports and Leisure committee, we organise and run engaging sporting activities and events for the whole school community to enjoy and participate in. It’s fantastic that, as students on SSL, we can influence and improve various aspects of school life and it’s really rewarding to see the positive effects that our efforts have on the other students.”

Emily and Ruhi - Joint Heads of Environment Committee


“On the Environment committee, we organise events, such as Green Day, to educate the school community on how to reduce our environmental impact and to get everyone interested in how to be more eco-friendly. We like the idea of making positive changes and leaving our mark on the school environment.”

Karena and Teena - Joint Heads of Charity Committee


“Our role is to organise school charity events to raise money for good causes, in particular our chosen charity, St Marcellin's Children's Village in Zimbabwe. We raise awareness and encourage the whole school community to come together to help others in need. We enjoy making a difference and being involved in various aspects of school life.”

David, Tommy, Phoebe, Naiya, Alex and Vishali - Heads of House


“We organise regular house events and competitions such as the harvest festival and Christmas quiz. I enjoy being part of SSL as it gives me a sense of responsibility and pride.” David (Bannister House)

 “We aim to inspire students from Years 7-13 to take part in charity events and competitions and to create a sense of community within our houses. Being on SSL gives me a lot of responsibility and a chance to utilise and build on my leadership skills.” Tommy (Franklin House)

 “Liaising with prefects in lower school helps to make the whole school more of a community. I really enjoy being part of SSL as I like working as part of a team and I like making a difference in our school.” Phoebe (King House)

 “The best part of my role is working not only with my 6th Form peers on SSL, but with the lower school helping to motivate them to improve the school community.” Naiya (Nightingale House) 

 “As Head of House, we ensure that we act as role models to ensure that students continue to uphold the Nower Hill way and work to the best of their ability. I enjoy working on activities for the lower school students to enjoy and have fun with.” Alex (Ghandi House)

 “Having a role within SSL allows us to refine our skills in public speaking, critical thinking and team work which really useful for us all for the future.” Vishali (Shabazz House)

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