Outstanding Work: Umar Sheikh, Kyle Solanki, Ranjeeth Devadoss Y9

Posted on: 10/06/2020

Year 9 Latinists were given a four week Roman Civilisation project based on The Roman Army. Students were asked to research what life was like for a Roman soldier, including how they were trained, how long they'd serve for and what their living conditions were like.

This project culminated in them writing a report responding to the question; “veni, mecum pugna!” ("Come fight with me!”). Should I join the Roman army? 

There were plenty of excellent reports, but we were very impressed with Umar, Kyle and Ranjeeth's, each of which demonstrate that a good deal of time and effort had gone into their research. Each report has been meticulously presented and include interesting personal responses too - turns out none of them think it's worth joining the Roman Army! Well done, boys!

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