Peri Proms 2019

Posted on: 13/02/2019

The Peri Proms 2019 was a week of evening concerts showcasing soloists, duets and small groups from every instrumental group.  Year 11 GCSE Music students and Year 12 and 13 A Level Music students all performed at the events as preparation for their impending performance exams.  A selection of GCSE and A level Fine Art and A level Photography was also on display throughout the week; students produced a range of personal responses to themes of portraiture and identity.

The concerts showcase the more individual work that’s produced between students and their Peripatetic Music teachers; many of whom have been working hard on their graded exams.  Performing in front of an audience is a very specific skill that takes time to build and these events allow students the opportunity, within a small and nurturing environment, to be able to share their work and develop their musicianship with the guidance and support of their Music teachers and a friendly audience. 

Each evening provided a varied programme of performances from students ranging from Year 7 to Year 13 and all abilities from beginners to Grade 8 and beyond.  What was obvious from all our performers was their dedication, enthusiasm, passion and commitment. 

Our thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated and supported the events.  A wonderful week proving that Music is well and truly alive and flourishing at Nower Hill. 

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