The Wolfson Foundation awards over £30,000 to Nower Hill High School

Posted on: 22/01/2019

The Wolfson Foundation has awarded over £30,000 to Nower Hill High School to overhaul equipment in the Music Department.

The grant is the result of a full year’s worth of campaigning and planning to increase capacity for both GCSE and A Level Music Technology students and to future proof the department with state of the art equipment.

The grant has enabled the school to purchase:

  • A full suite of 25 top of the range iMacs with Logic Pro X installed (in addition to the 10 currently in the A Level classroom)
  • 6 Brand new high end microphones
  • Brand new top spec musical instruments, including a Fender Stratocaster, Fender Jazz Bass, Mapex Drum Kit and Electronic Drum Kit
  • Many more minor upgrades to our facilities

Thanks to the Wolfson Foundation these additions to the outstanding Music Department enables Nower Hill High School to offer excellent facilities to students of Music and the Arts.

"The Wolfson Foundation is charity that supports a wide range of education, including schools. We very impressed by the quality of education provided by Nower Hill High School. Wolfson is concerned that schools are still able to continue to provide a cultural rich and diverse curriculum despite all of the current pressures. It is clear that the School has carefully thought through the way in which they can further improve their music education, and we are delighted to be able to help," says Paul Ramsbottom, Chief Executive of the Wolfson Foundation.

The Wolfson Foundation ( is an independent charity that supports and promotes excellence in the fields of science, health, education and the arts and humanities. Since it was established in 1955, over £900 million (£1.9 billion in real terms) has been awarded to more than 11,000 projects throughout the UK, all on the basis of expert review.

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