Year 10 1:1 Mock Interview Event

Posted on: 17/01/2019

29 employers kindly gave up their time and expertise for the 1:1 Mock Interview Event for our Year 10 students. During the event, every student had a twenty minute interview with an employer and were then given valuable feedback on their performance. Each student also had to bring their CV with them in order to make the experience as realistic as possible. 

Prior to the event, students had completed a preparation programme covering interview questions, listening skills, body language, handshake and dress code. 

The employers were very impressed and complimentary about the array of skills and qualities our students possess. They thought the year 10 students were extremely polite, smartly dressed, punctual and answered their questions very well.

Students found the day very rewarding and commented on how beneficial the event was, as for many of them this was the first time they had ever had an interview.  Some of the things they said they had learnt or gained from the event included:

  • ‘Having the experience of an interview makes me feel more confident about the situation’;
  • ‘I need to practice asking more questions at my interview’.
  • ‘Articulacy is key: you need to be able to be comfortable and have a conversation’.
  • ‘I should only put positives on my CV’.
  • ‘I need to be confident in my own achievements and abilities’.
  • ‘It’s good to be prepared and organised’.
  • ‘Very good and helpful skills gained for future life’.

Employers were also impressed with the warm welcome they were given by Year 9 students, who were helping at the event.

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