World Mental Health Day

Posted on: 02/11/2021

To help raise awareness of Mental Health Day on 10th October, our new 6th Form Wellbeing Representatives delivered assemblies to different Year groups. Students were asked to reflect on the world that they want to see and what unique contribution they could make to turn that world into a reality. The representatives shared some top tips for maintaining good mental health that could be applicable to anyone, not just our children. This includes: maintaining a regular routine; exercising; talking to someone or learning a new skill.

As part of our Personal Development Programme in registration, students looked at the importance of “Asking Twice”. Often, when we ask our children how they are feeling, they reply with “fine” or “good”.

By asking them how they feel again, it helps to open up a dialogue and encourage more meaningful discussions. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if your child does want to talk to someone at school about anything, there are a range of people they can reach out to. The Helping Hands poster, which is displayed around the school, reminds them of a number of different options. We are excited to see the different ideas and initiatives that our Wellbeing reps have planned for this year.

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