Nower Hill A Level Results 2021

Posted on: 10/08/2021

“At the end of a challenging 2 years for our A Level students, we would like to send our hearty congratulations to them on their excellent results. We are delighted for our students, not only for their academic achievements, but for the strength, resilience and optimism they have shown through what has been an incredibly difficult time for all young people. We could not be more proud of them.

I would like to extend sincere thanks to our very hardworking staff who have not only supported the students throughout their Nower Hill journey, but have also spent hours and hours marking, moderating and quality assuring A Level assessments, in order to ensure that the grades our students received were rigorous, fair and what they truly deserved. We also send our gratitude to the parents and carers of our graduating students who have supported them unconditionally and worked so collaboratively with us during the last, in most cases, 7 years. The success of young people requires a community effort, and we feel very fortunate that everyone in our school community is totally invested in ensuring the success and achievements of our young people.

The grades that the students have received are a reflection of the hard work, skill and academic ability that they have demonstrated throughout their time studying for A Levels and are well deserved. Each and every student should be proud of what they have achieved and more importantly, of the resilience that they have demonstrated in maintaining focus and optimism for the future during these extremely challenging times. We are proud of our young people beyond belief; we send them our thanks for all they have given to the Nower Hill community and our very best wishes as they progress to the next stage in their exciting careers”. Louise Voden, Headteacher.

We would like to share with you just a few of our many individual success stories.

 “Very pleased and grateful for the support from the school.” Toby, Degree Apprenticeship with PWC Computer Science, Leeds.

 “After such a hard year I am so happy with my results and can’t wait for the next year!” Emily, Engineering at Cambridge.

 “Very happy – well worth the late nights and hard work.” Alexander, Foundation in Art and Design at Central St Martins.

“I am over the moon! A huge thank you to all of my amazing teachers. I did it!” Mya. Taking a gap year as a lab technician at Nower Hill and travelling. Hoping to study Chemistry at University.

 “Due to the challenging 2 years that we have had I am incredibly pleased with my results and am very excited to continue onto university” Alice, Geography at Oxford.

“Over the moon! Given all that has happened through the A Level period and personal hurdles I couldn’t be happier. Big thanks to all my teachers for helping me get here and pushing me” Amelia, Journalism at University of Sheffield.

 “I’m very happy with my results and I’m very grateful for the school helping me achieve my results.” Gunraj, History, Royal Holloway.

“I am extremely happy with my results and I can’t wait to start university” Sumayyah, Physics, Oxford University.

“I feel proud after having such a tough year! A Levels were a big challenge but I enjoyed my 6th form experience” Zahra, Psychology at Queen Mary.

“Really happy and excited for next year!” Maisa, French, Media and Communications, Nottingham University.

“Really pleased! Can’t wait for next year!” Amira, History and Philosophy, Warwick University.

“I’m very happy with my results especially after a tough year!” Ria, Pharmacy, University of Nottingham.

“Happy with my results and looking forward to starting university!” Jaran, Economics, Aston University.

“I am delighted. These two years have been tough but my teachers have been amazing and have helped me so much” Anoushka, Politics and International Relationships, Kings College.

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