Year 12 British Biology Olympiad

Posted on: 14/07/2021

Twelve of our most exceptional Year 12 A-level biologists were selected to compete in the ‘Intermediate Biology Olympiad’ on Thursday 10th June.

This highly challenging competition is designed to recognise excellence in young biologists and is completed by some of the best Biology students nationally, with a total of 8875 students taking part this year.

Our students really did us and themselves proud. All those that competed were awarded certificates, commending their participation, and some of the most outstanding achievements of our students are noted below.

Our sincere congratulations to all of them!

Finn – Gold (top 5%)

Oliver – Silver (top 15%)

Elliot – Silver (top 15%)

Ben – Silver (top 15%)

Megan – Bronze (top 30%)

Jadon  – Bronze (top 30%)

Nima – Bronze (top 30%)

A massive well done also goes to Lara (6KH), Anjali (6GS), Aingkaran (6BS), Saaju (6NS) and Daljit (6SS) for taking part in this challenging competition.

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