Nower Hill’s New Diversity Club

Posted on: 09/06/2021

On Thursday 20th May, a group of 14 vibrant and enthusiastic students held their first meeting to discuss issues which they feel are pressing. The meeting was ably chaired by two of our Equality Committee Senior Student Leaders in 6th Form, Sian and Negeena . 

We agreed that our long term objective was to reduce and ultimately eradicate any discriminatory or prejudiced behaviour in school.

A number of short and medium term plans were discussed, including the planning of an assembly on feminism, which another Year 12 student, Kushi Shah, has prepared.  This will be delivered by male and female students to further all of our understanding of feminist issues. Lively yet respectful discussions were held regarding sexist behaviours, and how we can work collaboratively as a community to reduce these further. 

The group are keen to keep the whole school community informed, and a medium term goal involves producing a termly leaflet regarding current projects in school.  We look forward to our journalists, photographers and editors producing something interesting prior to the end of the academic year!

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