Year 10 Work Experience 11-13 May 2021

Posted on: 25/05/2021

28 Year 10 students participated in virtual work experience from 11th May -13th May. 

Employers from Capgemini, Verizon Media, Upstream Risk Intelligence, SCS Railways and Motability Operations took part in the intiative. Students researched the organisations in advance and then listened to the individual employers talk about their company, job roles and career paths. There was then an opportunity for students to ask questions to the employers. 

On the last day students were asked to present a 90 second “elevator pitch” about themselves, explaining why they would be the best person for the job. At the end of each presentation constructive feedback was provided to each student. Skills and research tasks were also completed over the 3 days which helped increase student self-awareness and knowledge of different careers.

The students all really enjoyed the experience and did exceptionally well. They were fully engaged, professional and worked well in teams, participating positively in the offline tasks and submitting work on time. Although some quieter students lacked confidence within the group initially, they started to share ideas and move out of their comfort zones by the second day.  

Student feedback on the initiative included:

"All in all, it was a fantastic experience. If you would like to know how a job operates, then I recommend this, it will also raise your confidence".

"I have enjoyed interacting with many of my fellow pupils and employers. I, like many people, learnt a lot from being here".

"I have enjoyed meeting with employers and learning about their life at work and what they do. I have also enjoyed making the pitch as I have learnt more about myself".

"I’ve enjoyed the different activities, especially when we had to think about our career aspirations. It really made me think what I want to do and what my aspirations are".

"I would love to do something like this again".

Employers were very impressed with our students and thought they were confident, polite and an asset to our school. Well done to all the students who took part.

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