Year 12 British Physics Olympiad Senior Challenge

Posted on: 23/03/2021

On Thursday 4th March 2021, 20 of our outstanding physicists in Year 12 took part in the ‘British Physics Olympiad Senior Challenge’. These students were selected based on their exceptional performance in Physics.

The ‘Senior Physics Challenge’ is a national competition that is specifically designed to stretch the best physicists nationally and to deepen their thinking in physics. The students were tested on their ability to grasp new ideas, solve problems and think creatively. This year also gave them the additional challenge of having to complete the papers during whole school closure.

All our students performed remarkably well and really rose to the challenge! The awards were:

Gold: Mathuyan and Elliot

Silver: Ajeyanth, Sumedha, Chris, Jadon and Dylan

Bronze: Finn, Evelyn and Matthew

We are incredibly proud of our students and their success in a competition taken by only the top achieving students in the country. Gaining marks on these very difficult papers was no easy task but our students really relished the opportunity and performed very well. A big well done to all of them!

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