British Physics Olympiad Success

Posted on: 13/01/2021

We are delighted to share with you the success of some of our Year 13 Physics students. Last November, in the midst of juggling their subject commitments with their university applications process, and in addition to having to prepare for their mock examinations, nine of our year 13 Physicists took part in the first round of this year’s British Physics Olympiad.

This high profile, academically challenging competition is hosted annually by the University of Oxford, with the ultimate goal of selecting a group of students to go on to represent the United Kingdom in the International Physics Olympiad. Due to the nature of the competition and the ability profiles of the students who enter it, this is an extremely challenging competition with some of the questions on the paper being more representative of a first year undergraduate course rather than an A Level one.

We are thrilled to inform you that the students did themselves and the school incredibly proud, with, amazingly in such a prestigious competition where a very high number of entrants will be from the private and selective sectors, every one of our young people who entered being awarded a medal as follows:

Gold Award:      Sumayyah Siddiqui

Silver award:     Romauld Christy Ruban

Silver Award:     Mark Emmanuel

Silver Award:     Emily Darnell

Bronze I Award: Amanbir Bansal

Bronze I Award: Kian Nandhra

Bronze I Award: Shyam Subramanian

Bronze II Award: Alice Jardine

Bronze II Award: Vaibhavkumar Patel

I am sure that you would wish to join me in congratulating each and every one of these students, and to recognise not only their achievements, but the support of the staff and indeed their parents over their many years of education, which has enabled them to perform so well. Their motivation and resilience at a time that is proving so challenging for many young people is to be commended; they are an inspiration to us all. I am sure that you will not be surprised to hear that Sumayyah has been offered a place at Merton College, Oxford to read Physics! 

We are extremely proud of the achievements of our students, and I think it only fitting to end this piece with a quote often used by our much missed friend and colleague Dr. Alan Bender, in describing these individual and collective achievements as “AMAZING!”

Ms Michaelides

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