#BC0800 The Virtual Exhibition

Posted on: 17/11/2020

Year 12 Photography, Fine Art, Graphic Communications and Dance had just 2 weeks to respond to Lectures about Abstraction through art history led by teachers and their favourite movements and artists, alongside a brief to make beautiful artwork in difficult times.

Graphic Communication students had to collaborate to organise the promotion of the exhibition – this is where they decided the title, a set of rules to be followed or challenged, how the exhibition would be viewed and access. They decided the exhibition would be viewed as a youtube live stream, accessed through a QR code placed on posters around school.

The title of the exhibition, #BC0800, is the colour code of a particular red that was chosen by the students. Over the two week period students in all the pathways produced artwork that was then documented and filmed to form the virtual exhibition.

Click here to view the virtual exhibition.

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