The Globe Players Live Stream

Posted on: 04/11/2020

On November 3rd we had the pleasure of welcoming back The Globe Players to Nower Hill to perform Macbeth to our x-side of Year 11. However, due to Covid restrictions, we welcomed the Globe Players back in a way we have never done before - via live stream to our classrooms!

It was an absolute delight that Nower Hill High School was able to continue to support the arts and virtually welcome the company back into our school again for the long continued custom of them visiting our Year 11s and we cannot wait for November 25th when we will welcome them once again for the y-side of Year 11. 

We were left impressed and in awe at their innovative and creative method of live streaming the show via Zoom and were able to engage live with the actors and stage director at the end of the performance via the live Q&A chat function on YouTube. During this section of the performance, the students were able to ask the actors not only questions about the performance and production of Macbeth, but this year we were delighted to learn how the actors made efficient use of green screen during the production. 

As a result, Year 11 students will be better prepared to write about the play and to impress the examiners with their understanding of the play in performance.

As usual, Nower Hill High School students were impeccably behaved and attentive during the performance and we hope they enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you Year 11!

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