EPQ Presentations

Posted on: 26/09/2019

The intellectual curiosity of our Year 13 students was vividly displayed on Wednesday afternoon when our Year 13 students brought the main hall to life with presentations on their EPQ research projects. 40 of our Year 13 students have undertaken the Extended Project Qualification at the same time as studying 3 or 4 A-Levels, which involved planning, researching and drafting an independent research project in an area of interest to them. The EPQ qualification is highly respected by universities. A very wide range of topics had been investigated by students, ranging from “How has the Jacobite cause and rising of 1745 been romanticised throughout history by art, literature and other mediums?” to “Should the heading of footballs be banned in youth football?”

Congratulations to our Year 13 EPQ students for their fantastic presentations, all of whom impressed teachers, parents, governors and fellow students alike.

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