Oberharmersbach in The Black Forest

Posted on: 22/05/2019

On April 5th at the delightful hour of 1am, the Music Department and 70 music students embarked on a 14 hour coach journey to picturesque town of Oberharmersbach in The Black Forest (Germany).

Students spent 3 days in the area, travelling first to the beautiful town of Colmar (Alsace) where they performed in the warm spring sun to large audiences of both locals and tourists.

On day 2, students braved the cold and wet weather to experience thrills and excitement at Europa Park, the largest theme park in Europe. In the evening, our jazz specialists performed an impromptu set in the dining hall, at the hotel owner’s behest, entertaining hotel staff and other guests.

On the final day, students had the opportunity to visit Triberg, the home of not only the world’s largest Cuckoo Clock, but also the highest waterfall in Germany. Stopping only for a brief meal at the hotel, the students then quickly moved on to Offenburg, where they performed a fantastic set in the evening sunshine to city-goers.

Keep your eyes peeled for next year’s tour!

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