Leadership Team


Senior Leadership Team
Mr C Livesey    Headteacher
Mr N Hardy  Deputy Headteacher Teaching & Learning / Achievement & Standards
Ms L Voden Deputy Headteacher Student Support and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss S MacLeod

Assistant Headteacher Student Support KS4 (Y9-Y11) and Designated Teacher Key Stage 4

Mr G Nagle Assistant Headteacher Community
Mrs C Serrao Assistant Headteacher Teaching & Learning
Mr C Stratton Assistant Headteacher KS5: Head of 6th Form and Designated Teacher Key Stage 5
Miss F Ward  Assistant Headteacher Student Support KS3 (Y7-Y9) and Designated Teacher Key Stage 3
Ms J Wilkinson Assistant Headteacher Development
Mr B Wooding Assistant Headteacher Inclusion / SENCo and Designated Teacher Inclusion


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