Governor Roles

Governor Date Appointed Date Resigned Member of Trust Trustees Category Finance Committee Student Committee Staffing Committee HT PM & Pay Review Admissions Committee
Mrs Michelle Weerasekera Dec 2020     Chair C   Chair    X X
Mr Howard Freed Dec 2020     Vice Chair            
Mrs Adeela Chowdry Dec 2015     X P   X X   X
Mrs Sukaina Kassam Mar 2013     X P   Vice Chair     X
Ms Kala Nair May 2017     X P   X      
Mr Abi Karmoun May 2018     X P X        
Mrs Diana  La Rue     X X M   X     X
Ms Louise Voden Sept 2019   X X E X X      
Mrs Chandreyi  Parkin Nov 2018   X   S   X X    
Mr Roy McKerracher Nov 2009     X C X X      

Appointed by key:

Member                M

Parent                   P

Staff                       S

Local Authority     L

Co-Opted              C

Ex-Officio              E

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