Staff List - Nower Hill High School

Staff List

Heads Of Faculty

Arts       Mr J Butterworth
Computing & ICT Mrs S Wilks
Design and Technology Ms S Francis
English    Mr C Want
Humanities  Mrs T Chaudhry
Inclusion Mr B Wooding
Faculty of Linguistic & Cultural Studies Mrs T Atkinson
Mathematics Mr M Kennedy
Science Mrs Z Watson
Social & Economic Studies Mr M Worth
Sports Studies

Mr I Parker
Mr T Murrell


Year Co-ordinators for 2017-18       

Year 7 Co-ordinators Miss G Cassidy and Mr M Gallop 
Year 8 Co-ordinators Miss L Temple and Mr R Ahern
Year 9 Co-ordinators Miss S Cullum and Mrs E Dodd
Year 10 Co-ordinators Miss L Kitchen and Mr T Murrell
Year 11 Co-ordinators Mr I Parker and Mrs C Cleavin

Sixth Form

Year 12      Co-ordinator Miss K Simmonds
Year 13      Co-ordinator Ms J Abbotts


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