Subject Matters Talk at Harrow School

Posted on: 05/12/2019

On 28th November, 23 Year 11 students attended an inspiring “Subject Matters” talk by Dr Mark King, Admissions and Outreach Officer at Christ’s College, Cambridge University in the prestigious Harrow School Speech Room. Harrow School had very kindly invited students to attend from state schools in the local community. The talk was aimed at Year 11 students who are considering applying to Oxford and Cambridge and to competitive courses at Russell Group universities in the future.

Dr King introduced students to top UK universities and explained how studying at Cambridge and Oxford differs from studying at other universities, as well as the benefits of studying at a Russell Group Institution.  Dr King also provided detailed guidance on how to choose the most competitive combination of A-levels for different courses at university and answered students’ specific questions at the end. Our students really enjoyed the talk and have been encouraged to aim for top universities in the future.

Here are comments from two of our students who attended the talk:

“Our trip to the talk by Dr Mark King at Harrow School was a fantastic experience. It was extremely useful to hear from someone who knows exactly what Oxbridge and Russell Group universities look for in an applicant. Now I feel more confident and sure of what A-levels I am going to pick, in order to excel in the area of study I wish to pursue.”  Diya, Year 11

“Last Thursday we went to Harrow School Speech Room to listen to a speech about university applications. It was very enlightening and I am now more confident in my A-level choice and more sure that they are right for me. Dr Mark King’s speech was a very valuable experience. It was enriching to learn from someone within the university system.” Henry, Year 11

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