Wellbeing has always been incredibly important to us, as we support our students to be as resilient as possible whilst they navigate the challenges of adolescence, and early adulthood for our 6th Formers. 

During the pandemic, this was more important than ever, and we undertook a significant number of new initiatives to ensure effective safeguarding of our students at home, as well as to support their wellbeing. This ranged from telephone calls home to speak to the students and find out how they were, providing them with email addresses which represented their year groups, and were sent directly to their Year Co-ordinators, as well as daily inspirational messages and activities to trial on the Google Noticeboard. 

In addition, the period of lockdown afforded us an opportunity to start a fantastic Wellbeing Page for students on Google, which continues to go from strength to strength, providing children and their families with a wealth of resources and information to support their wellbeing. Our school counsellor was actively involved in this project, as well as supporting students who sadly suffered a bereavement during the time, if the support was required and deemed appropriate. 

The Student Support Team were all actively communicating to ensure fair and appropriate support for those students who experienced various challenges over the lockdown period. This progress work continues as we endeavour to address challenges emerging whilst the students return to school and to further build resilience to support them through further challenges they may experience.

Nower Hill High School will be celebrating World Mental Health Day this October.  Activities for the event have been carefully planned by our 6th Form Wellbeing Leaders, and we hope that all students will enjoy them. Advice and resources relating to the initiative can ber found at:


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