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All homework in the Foundation stage (Years 7 and 8), Preparation stage (Year 9) and Examination Stage (Years 10 and 11) is set online.  Parents can access the homework for the Foundation Stage through Fronter, our Managed Learning Environment, using the log in nhhsparent7 or nhhsparent8 (the passwords are the same as the log in).  Year 7 and Year 8 should expect around 5 or 6 hours homework each week. This will increase over the course of the Preparation Stage (Year 9) and the Examination Stage (Years 10 and 11) where there will be a homework each week for each subject.  Much of the homework set in Years 12 and 13 is also set online via Fronter.

If you have any concerns about homework, please use the e-mail address below to contact the school.


Year 7 homework rota 13-14
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Year 8 Homework rota 13-14
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